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About Martha Roddy

"The average mother does not have a doctorate degree and license to practice motherhood, yet we deal with theology, education, and health issues daily."

                                                            --Martha Roddy, excerpted from Just Along for the Ride

Bill Roddy's mom, author Martha Roddy, shared many things with her son, including a profound and permanent faith in God. She also shared the experience of waiting for a colon cancer diagnosis--twice in her case--and her own second biopsy came back precancerous. Little did she know that she would soon become an outspoken advocate for early and standard colon cancer screening and common-sense prevention.

Martha Roddy had many reasons for writing this story of Bill's journey. As a loving parent, she wanted to capture the essence of her beloved and captivating son. As a woman of faith, she was stirred by the contrast between her son's personal strength and his willingness to acknowledge that control over his life was in God's hands. Bill's life and death deepened and strengthened her faith in ways she could not have imagined.

"Some sins are evident; other sins are unseen, silent predators that shatter human souls.
Some cancers are visible; other cancers are hidden, mute pirates that wreck human bodies."

And one of the more beautiful outcomes of Bill's amazing journey, and of Martha's own experience with cancer, is that Martha is now on her own journey to raise awareness and promote personal responsibility around the subject of cancer screening and prevention, and of colon cancer in particular.


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