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"It's in the Lord's hands, Mom.
   I'm just along for the ride."

                                                      - Bill Roddy

No parent expects to outlive their child, or see them suffer through a terminal illness ...

But, William Baine Roddy wasn't your average kid when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. In fact, he wasn't a kid at all. At 46 years of age, he was a vibrant and magnetic man at the peak of his power.

The life he'd led up to that point was the foundation for how he lived it afterwards: head up, heart out, embracing faith and life and love with all his being.

Putting your life in God's hands means
taking responsibility for your health

According to the National Cancer Institute, approximately 145,000 new cases of colorectal  are diagnosed each year, with more than 50,000 Americans dying of the disease each year. And, 75 percent of patients have no family history of the disease, while 25 percent have a family history, and history of common exposures among family members, or a combination of both, suggesting a hereditary component to colorectal cancer.

As with all cancers, screening and early detection are key to minimizing the impact of the disease. Find out more from the National Cancer Institute.